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How to check keyword golden ratio - kgr for SEO

 How to check keyword golden ratio - kgr for SEO      -  How to check keyword golden ratio ? What is the kgr ? How can i improve my website with keyword golden ratio ?      -  The Keyword Golden Ratio (KGR) is a way to find keywords that websites on the internet are under-offering. By using the keyword golden ratio seo method, you can increase the number of organic users of your website.  I share the link of the kgr system that will allow you to apply this method.
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The Effect of Artificial Intelligence on Society

   As we enter the technology age, everything is consumed very quickly and most of the new things are gaining popularity by being accepted very quickly. We all agree that the most important invention in the early ages was the discovery of fire. Now, in today's technology age, artificial intelligence may be the most important invention as much as this fire invention. The most important factor in humanity's coming to this time is that the human brain is more advanced than other living things and can think. From the concept of ai , it has recently become a topic that everyone hears and talks about. In fact, the concept of artificial intelligence is not a new concept ; on the contrary, we can say that the emergence of artificial intelligence dates back to very old times. If you follow technological developments, you can see that various AI programs are being created and different types of robots are being started. Immediately after these developments, many concepts such as


WHAT IS  Smaller data warehouses that are filtered from big data warehouses according to a certain purpose are called datamart. These are subsets of large data warehouses. WHY USE In some databases we have to write complex queries to reach a specific report, and their query times take longer than usual. Intelligent companies create datamart data warehouses to get such reports more quickly and simply. They speed up Datamart workflows and enable us to easily access information. this article was translated on

Iot Protocols and Standarts

connection protocols   known on the internet of objects There are different iot  connection protocols for engineers working as application developers in the product band covering the internet of objects . Choosing the most appropriate connection type according to the requirements of the product and the system is important to process the process efficiently. In this article, we reviewed 10 connection protocols that should be known on the internet of objects . Bluetooth Bluetooth continues to rise in the technology marke t as an important short-range communication technology in computers and many electronic products. Wearable products offer solutions to internet developers of objects with the expected Bluetooth, low-energy (BLE) and smart (Smart) brands and reduced power consumption, which is expected to be the key in connectivity technology . While it offers many disadvantages due to its data size when used in Smart / BLE file transfer, it has a significant advantage

Industry 4.0

Industrial Revolution Industry 4.0 is known as the 4th Industrial Revolution by many societies. Contemporary and modern automation systems and data exchange, production technology is an industry term. This industrial revolution; It contains the internet, internet services and physical-virtual systems of objects. It saves time and helps to increase productivity by reporting every data it acquires together with the hosting facility with the possibility of technology. Industry 4.0,  4th Industrial Revolution Advantages of Industry 4.0,  4th Industrial Revolution Modern information and communication technologies such as Cyber-Physical Systems and Cloud Computing will be integrated into the systems to increase productivity, quality and flexibility in the manufacturing sector and will provide advantages in the competitive environment by analyzing possible yield situations. The Effects of Industry 4.0 Good Situation: There will be a great wave of economic develop

Artificial Intelligence and IoT Relationship

    We will examine Artificial Intelligence and IOT in this article.      IoT is that every object that you might think of can somehow access the internet and communicate with other devices.       Artificial Intelligence sets out a clever era with fast-evolving algorithms that allow computers to plan and create strategies, measure and evaluate options, calculate probabilities, and make intelligent decisions .      Contribution of IOT to AI  : IoT ( internet of things ) is a body and brain is ai.      Cisco and Ericsson predict that billions of device s will be connected in 2020. Firms are working on cheap IoT devices and low power devices. Wearable clothes , smart city , intelligent houses , smart factories , intelligent agriculture, military , sensors,  logistics applications, smart home are expanding their use. In this context, as well as large data analysis, the protection of data is also important.     Naturally, this intensive use of technology is the resu

Attention to Web Design Errors

Web Design Errors        Web design is among those that take time, and should be paid attention to even the smallest point. One thing that is as important as doing the truth in a website project is not making mistakes . Mobile Incompatibility          Because of the increase in mobile usage , every website now needs to be mobile-friendly . Websites that do not migrate to mobile design in the long haul will definitely go missing. Unnecessary Length Forms         We do not like to fill out the forms clearly because of the structure. Therefore, we do not recommend long-term use in standard forms except very special forms. If you need information, take that information and do not extend the form any further. Page Referrals        Opening a new page in the browser for each click on site redirects is not a very user-friendly situation. Webmasters may be doing this on their web site for a while, but it is better to aim to increase circulation by strengthening t

Will the website make money?

      Why do not you do it after you've done it right. It is possible to make money with your regular website, not just with E-Commerce. Let's say that you are giving a service and want to get service from a client but how can he get to you? Thanks to the internet. If you have internet site, you can reach as many customers as you want with the right moves, you can serve many people, so you can increase your customer portfolio and serve at later stages and you will get more of a financial resource.       Now I think that you understand the importance of Web sites. You can do all these things towards the correct person and you will not have any problems. Most people can be deceived because they do not understand the website's contents, so be careful about this issue.

Everything of Backlinks

    BACKLINKS SEO FACTORS Backlinks , which we can also basically identify as a link output on a keyword to web site, let Google and other search engines know that your site is recommended by another site on the wording keyword.      As in most SEO factors , "quality and quantity" is also  important in the backlink concept. Getting accurate and high quality backlinks is very important if you want to avoid the search engine results of other sites. It is also possible to sort the backlink species divided into various categories as follows: Blog backlink                    It is often backlinks that are received by commenting into sites created with WordPress that automatically acknowledge comments and by writing the site address in the URL. Scrapebox and SenukeX such programs are doing such studies. Since there are no clean blogs on the market, adding your site will not work. This is why blog backlink external sites are not recommended much. Profile B

Importance of Backlink SEO

Get backlink for search engine optimization Backlink is very important for a website. Backlink determines the popularity of a website.  Quality of  website depends on number of websites that offer . Another system contributed by Backlink is the Trustrank system, one of Google's algorithms . Trustrank demonstrates Google's value to your site. Your web sites are rated at 10 points.  Importance of website  for google  depends number of quality website that offer. Attention to webmasters . There are a few things you need to be aware of when taking Backlinks ; If you get backlinks from Google-banned sites, you will not benefit. If you get backlinks from sites that have many website link, you will not have much to contribute to your site because search engine  Google does not like these Backlinks. For example, if you have a lot of backlinks from toplists , you will not have much to contribute. Some websites give hidden Backlinks . You will receive from these types of sites